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Any 1 know if there is The Best Of......winner, regarding local tackle shops.

I don't recall from reading the Beacon,if there was a category for best tackle shop of Hampton Roads.

Well if there was,PA Distributers @ 17th Street @ the Ocean front is,to my opinion, the best tackle shop.
Anthony,the owner,is the man.The prices and selections are pretty reasonable.
What I like about that tackle shop,especially,is there customer relations towards broken or damaged equipment,even if not bought @ there store.

My .02 cents.
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Yep I agree they gave me a small part to a penn reel for free (purchased at walmart)
lighthouse tackle is the only place I go they always take good care of me so that is where I always take my business
Lighthouse Tackle, Long Bay Point Bait and Tackle, and Chesapeake Bait and Tackle have been the primary shops.

I'd call Lighthouse number one for saltwater and Chesapeake B&T for brackish/freshwater.

I've been to the new Oceans East 2 and it is going to give them a run for their money.

I'll buy on clearance from Wally World, but it's pretty rare that the price is good enough to pull me in.
I'm confused. The entire VA beach area, including the bay, offers some of the best fishing I've seen. There are so many places to fish, why does it seem that there are only like 3 tackle shops? Isn't the B&T business that good?
I like lighthouse tackle. That place gets the job done. Also its near where i stay when im down there.
What kills me is it is almost impossible to find fresh bunker in this area.Especially since I know they get it cuz they always have frozen bunker. :rolleyes:
Cdog,I sold some fresh finger mullet to LiteHouse,last summer,that I had caught with my castnet.If I remember,they gave me store credit.So,not all tackle shops sell only frozen bunker.
I went into the new Ocean's East Tackle Shop II (formerly the Bait Barn) on Tuesday AM(4.09.03) ... after getting back from a successful trip to Las Vegas ... with a few bucks to spend, and it's pretty nice.

The guys working were very friendly and helpful to not only me, but another couple who was in there, and the selection was pretty good all around.


Jake Ace

There are a few shops so well located that it really makes it hard for the competition.

Here's what I know of in Virginia Beach:

Major shops:
Long Bay Point
Oceans East
Oceans East 2
Ben Raugh
Taylor Landing
Princess Anne Distributing

minor shops:
Lake Whitehurst
most of the fishing piers
that pizza place near the crab creek ramp
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Nserch4Drum,I guess I'm just spoiled by OBX shops where if its around everybody has fresh. Shoulda mentioned th only place I used to find fresh anything was at th old fish barn.
Cdog, I guess you and I must have been the only ones shopping there or they would still be around! :confused:

One of the problems when local shops don't have support. Just my observation, but to me the Hatteras area caters to the fisherman because the state supports the fishing community, whereas this area, well, it supports the military. No offense to the military, but it's "beer, women and pool" attitude reflects on where the concentration of entertainment dollars go. Malls, bars theaters, cheap restaurant/pool halls, etc. capture the military dollar for the most part. Now I know we have a lot of military on this board, so don't get offended, but I believe they are a minority in their own community.

I've lived here all my life and every year that we had big storms we would loose a pier. Never replaced. The beaches used to be lined with piers. You can still see the old pileings. No more. Now it's motels and condos. Property values for waterfront property do not permit, for the most part, "mom and pop" proprietorship. Taxes on the property alone prohibit it. Shame.
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Cdog on the Bunker I have questioned several of the local shops about the fresh vs frozen. The general responce has been the people who net the bunker are doing it for the crab or chum industry. To them being real fresh is not a issue. But then again I remember going to Buckroe to fish for Cobia and snag my bunker or catch a few spot, now it is buy eels.
As far as the shops I like best I have a hardtime with it because they do different things. For bait Buckroe Bait and Tackle, and Grafton Fishing Supply(both are seafood markets) For Lures and terminal Bishops and Ocean East(I have not been to II yet). Reels and parts Princes Anne is the Queen for sure. I have not found my way to Long Pointe, Raughes and Chesapeake B&T. Sandy Point looks like a place that will bend over backwards for you as does Capt Hogges. I cannot forget the 2 places for Bait in Gloucester Point A&J supply and Old Hookers(they close to early in the season.
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Hey Surf&Turf....having spent most of my life in VaBeach I can't remember losing any major pier other than the Steel Pier by Rudee Inlet.I know a lot of sections of various piers have been lost ,but they were repaired (or kinda repaired).Which ones were you referring to? the R
Some interesting economic theories are being put forth here.

I wasn't aware that jiggle joints plus tackle shops add up to a fixed number. I suspect no one else is either.

The thing that is killing Virginia Beach fishing is the people who keep electing city officials who have no concept where the money comes from.

The last word I got on Va Beach revenue was that about 20% comes from tourists and about 20% comes from the military. Since the tourists are seasonal, those shops and restaurants that close outside the tourist season tell me that tourist dollars come fast for a couple of months and then taper off.

So what does Va Bch do? How about propose a 5 star resort? This is a city with it's only saltwater inlets blocked by fixed bridges, no airport, and no train station. Nearly all of those tourist dollars come through the HRBT and all you hear from the beach is how they don't want to pay for roads outside the city limits. Brilliant.

Those motels and condos aren't filled with military people. They stand mostly vacant for a good part of the year. Empty rooms support few tackle shops.

Want more tackle shops? Let's try inlets that can take a boat 60 feet tall, triple the current number of boat slips, and some serious incentives from the city to promote fall fishing to out of town people. Gosh, we might even become like San Diego and dwarf the military dollars with other revenue. Nah, it's too easy to blame someone and go back to sleep.

Those military dollars are pretty addictive. They aren't seasonal and are nearly recession proof. It's hard not to like that. The overwhelming majority of those dollars are going to such luxuries as rent, utilities, and food.

If you think North Carolina doesn't suck up to the worst elements of the military, you might want to spend a couple of days in Jacksonville. I believe Hatteras would do it too if they had a chance.
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Since your post has digressed, I offer the my top 5:

1) Lighthouse Tackle, Virginia Beach, VA
2) Frank & Fran's (The Fishermens Friend), Avon, NC
3) Johnson's Sport's Shop, Drummond Island, MI
4) Viking Marine (Bait & Tackle), Matlacha, FLA
5) The Raugh Company, Virginia Beach, VA

So there's my nickle and let's call it inflation :cool:

Fish this,

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the Rhondel, there was another pier at VA beach near the North end that was lost during hurricane Hazel, but I can't remember the name of it and there were about 4 more public and equaly private piers lost from CBBT to Willoughby Spit. The steel pier I believe was replaced/repaired once and then lost and torn down. I want to say there was a wooden pier also at the old amusement park at Va Beach, but can't be sure. I know there was one at the Ocean View Park.

I have an old map from the '50s somewhere that shows them. I'll try to dig it out.
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