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Before the Cold Front Sunday 12/18

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With Sunday being as warm as it was my son and I decided to try some pond fishing. Headed to the spillway at Smithville and there were two guys fishing the spillway. Tried little jigs under a bobber on the pond side near the damn without success. After the group left the spillway area went down there and got a few soft bites with only one lone blue gill to show for it. Rode over to the boat ramp just in time to watch the cold front come across the pond which was cool to watch. Was hoping to catch some crappie but it was nice to get out for a while anyway. Temperature must have dropped 20 degrees and wind really picked up in a course of about 15 minutes.
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Lake fishing was shut down for me yesterday, but I did catch a few yellow perch after I left the lake. I also caught a few yellow perch this morning at Marshy Hope Creek Marina. They are just starting to move up river. Man was it cold with a breeze right in my face this morning. Fish 15 minutes, then back in truck to warm up my hands. Rod tip froze up a few times. Not easy in the cold, but better then staying home. IMO. Maybe you minnow guys would do good. I was using a little tube jig.
Andy are you just bouncing the jig along the bottom for the yellows? We stopped by the marina earlier in the afternoon Sunday (went to McDonald's to grab lunch) but did not have any luck.
Aaron, I was using a weighted bobber with a 1/16th ball head jig with a little orange tube bait. I retrieve the bobber slow with a few slight jiggles of the bobber. I have my lure set at different depths depending on tide. Yesterday morning I had it set at about 3 or 4 feet. It's going to be freezing cold this morning, but with no wind. It is going to be good fishing weather/Temp for about a week after today. Should turn the pan fish on. I think your lure should be close to bottom , but not on bottom.
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