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While I was out at Sebastian on Thursday, I saw two guys that had a home made fishing cart made from PVC.

This thing looked like Beachbms cart on steroids!

The thing had to be 36 inches wide and 60 inches long. They had a 100 qt aerated cooler with live bait in it along with some other miscellaneous gear.

The only problem with it was that it was resting on two skinny little wheels that were bowed to about 20 degrees from vertical, probably from the weight of the cooler!

I don't imagine that they do any surf fishing with their "aircraft carrier" cart!

As I was headed out to Sebastian (accidentally by the way) right after you take the right onto A1A froom 192, I noticed a store that had a big sign that said "YOU NEED A CART!" Out front they had what appeared to be a PVC version of a standard hand truck, with a couple of minor changes. Hell I already have a standard hand truck that I can trick up for pier fishing!
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