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I know that this is only semi-related to beach fishing but I fish very inaccessible areas and I get there before sun-up the vast majority of the time

There is always a chance that you could run into poachers or worse when you are out there, you could be the only law-abiding citizen for miles around, out in the mangroves, in the mud flats, on a deserted beach...

Something very bad happened to these FL anglers and we should learn to keep our heads on a swivel and our noses to the wind







Even the Podunk corner of FL where I live has had some beach incidents recently- some square grouper and a “go-fast” boat washed up west of here about 6-8 weeks ago.

The “go-fast” was full of bullet holes, it washed up on Tyndall (sp?) AFB property

The Colombian Christmas present which came ashore near Port St. Joe had a reported (of course that means BS) street value of $2Mil+, it was about 55lbs of blow if memory serves…
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