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Got to the refuge Sunday morning about an hour before high tide with the wife to spend a few hours on the beach. Great weather with an onshore 10 - 15 kt. breeze and air and water temps in the low 80's.

Loaded up the "Reels on Wheels" cart for the first test drive with the new gray Wheeleeze and headed to the surf, those tires do make a huge difference !!

Fished 3 rods, 2 for bait, 1 just past the shore break and the other 30 - 40 yds. out with Blood Worm Fishbites for bait on double hook bottom rigs. The last one was my old Fenwick Big Surfstick heaver that was set up with a cut bait rig.

The bait rods caught non stop for the next 3 hours catching around 25 or so Spot, 5 Pompano with a couple of Sea Mullet mixed in, sometimes 2 at a time. I didn't bring a cooler to take anything home but a few of the Spot, 1 Pomp and both Mullet would of qualified as dinner. A few of the Spot gave their lives in vain as heaver bait that only fed the crabs.

Good day on the beach and it looks like the fall run may be starting to crank up.
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