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Family coming to Panama City Beach.

I am a fresh water fisherman and do saltwater surf fishing on vacation.

First time fishing in PCB.

I am planning to buy live/fresh shrimp from bait shop to catch pompano, whiting etc.

Have few question if you guys don't mind.

What kind of bait I need to buy from bait shop to catch big fish like red drum?

I have read some article about using frozen ciger minnow in Florida. I caught few red drums (nothing big) at Myrtle Beach with cut mullet.

Also, I would like to use my use my bluegill rig (I use cut bluegill to catch catfish) to catch bait fish from the beach. My bluegill rigs are ultra light rods, 6 lbs fluorocarbon line and size 14 circle hook. I fish on the bottom for bluegill.

I have watched a YouTube video using gulp bait for catching bait fish in surf.

What kind of gulp bait catch to catch bait fish?

Do I need to fish on the bottom to catch bait fish?

Any good Bait shop in PCB?

I know I have lots of question. Thanks a lot in advance for taking your valuable time to help me out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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