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Back in from the surf and glad to be BURRRRRR

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Got out at 6 am 40 degrees. Winds not to bad.
Had 3 blues, 2 under sized pompano. I thought
to my self I must be crazy for being out in this cold, until I saw the vacationer in the shorts and t-shirt on the beach. He had to be cold. He was making me colder just looking at him. Any way the wind picked up and I called it a morning .

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Looks like you had better luck than HuskyMD and I did at Indian River Inlet, DE. ;)
Yes I did, I even saw some leg action as white as they were from the vacationer. :eek:
Boy O Boy we have it all down here. :)

At least you got a few fish in trade for getting up in the cold. Glad to see a few got out!! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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