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Avon surf

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Hi, this is my first message on this board. Is there anything being caught in the surf around Avon this time of year? I will be vacationing with the wife and kids there next week. I usually fish there in the fall. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.
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Just go to this web site for info about the fishing at Avon and surf. Glad to help and God bless. Tony


Hello Red Dog,good ta seeya on here,Tater and Jody say hi as well... Look forward to reading more of your post.. ;)
Thanks, Red Dog

Thanks for the link Red Dog, it was informative and a big help. Frank and Fran's is always my first stop when I get down there, it is nice to know they also have a website. May God bless you and yours as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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