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Avet reel size question

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As some have seen I am looking at a new heaver conventional rod. I am also looking at a new reel. I may look at others but for now my question is about the size of an Avet. Are the Jx or Lx to big for casting and fishing/dead sticking? I am only looking to put 17# Suffix on it but am looking for more capacity than my current sx has on it.
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I love my SXMC, I am just always worried about toothy critters spooling me
I kinda suck casting a conv, so I use the cheater feature on the MC's :D
Part of me wants to try a slosh, a hyper or an akios, a bigger part is skerd of all the line and frustration I will go through blowing it up.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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