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With a prevailing east wind, I had to head down to the OBX for a day of pin rigging in my seemingly futile quest to put my first king on the deck this year. I left my brothers bands cd release show around 1:00AM and arrived to a chilly Avalon Pier just a few minutes after 5:00PM. I set up out of the northeast corner and went about the buisness of getting bait. A kind gentleman hooked up with a gotcha blue and handed him over (the other rigs had blues from the night before out) and I put him out in preperation to feel inordinate amounts of pain and suffering at the hands of King Charisma or Big Brown Daddy. Filling the bucket proved a difficult task however. In spite of crystal clear waters and near perfect conditions, bluefish were nowhere to be found. Besides the donated blue I had out, not a single hookup on a gotcha took place all morning. I switched over to a Sibiki rig tipped with bloodworm fishbites and managed to jig up 6 threadfin shad. I shared a couple with my neighbors and bucketed 2 for myself when even the shad shut it down. I settled in for what I worried would be $80 in gas for nada.

Before I continue the report, I have to share this story. Bottom fishing also was stagnet after a big spot run the night before. One couple managed to catch a couple of pinfish, which the pin jockeys rapidly went begging for (thank god for shad!). The folks said no, they wanted to keep the pin fish, and threw them in a bucket. No big deal right? Well after about an hour, the couple came to the end and held out their bucket and asked if anyone wanted the pin fish for bait?!?!?!?! The fish were dead as a doornail, and when the disgusted pier jockeys said no thanks, they threw the pinfish into the drink. What a waste!!!!

Around 9:00AM, buisness began to pick up. About 10 minutes apart, two decent cobia (40lb class fish) circled baits on either side of my rig. One smashed the bait to my left, killing the fish and pulling the pin over into my pin rig, tangling my blue with his dead blue. The cobia crushed the bait and spit it, leaving a nice mess. I pulled my fighting line up to untangle it, and in the process, my precious blue managed to pull the hook and go home. Doh!!!! With bait a precious commodity, this was an insurmountable loss! I put out a shad with hopes of a king or a turnaround blue swimming through, and went back to the sibiki rig.

At that point, the water seemed to explode with cobia. Every ray that swam through had pods of 2 or 3 cobia following it. News spread quickly, and the 2 was overcome with regulars with heavy jig rods in tow. Because bait was so difficult to come by, every fish sighting was followed by 20 or so big jig splashing the clear water like Roscoe P Coltrane's police cruiser into a pond on Dukes of Hazard. Most fish bolted the scene like the Roadrunner and never made it to the baits. Most of the fish were small (20lbers) but two were absolute monsters, easily 70lb class fish. Those two decided to put on an arial display as they began to smash bait around 50 yards past the end of our pin rigs. The fishing gods, it seems, are not without a sense of irony.

For lunch I treated myself to delicious fried wahoo nuggets from Awful Arthurs, but things changed little on the water. Bait was still tough to come by and the cobia continued to ignore my threadfin shad. Around 2, two cobia jiggers hooked up at the same time with 20lb fish. One was released for a release citation, the other is headed to the grill. Congrats to the release angler, he was a younger kid and really handled the unruly cuss well when he was thrashing around the anchor lines.

As darkness drew near, I picked up a couple blues on a gotcha and a nice spanish right before I packed up, then I mosied back to DC around midnight. A decent all around trip. It was great to see lots of big fish in the water, and I had an opportunity to meet Pier and Surfer "metal worker", who has really been putting some time in on getting a big fish this summer. A real nice guy. The quest continues this weekend, with Bogue Inlet Pier or Avalon as possible destinations if the weather is cooperative. If anyone feels like tagging along for some severe sleep deprevation, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine

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