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August 6th - Capt Mike/Capt Dave. A big cold rain event at launch time forced the the double boat trip into the pavilion before we could launch. Water temps now 10 degrees colder than last week. By all rights the bite should have happened but we persisted on the topwater and well met up with Peppy La Pew. However I made one cast and caught a nice LGMouth on a zippin ziggy. Temps where mild and sunset gorgeous. Company very good.

August 7th - Capt Mike
I had some high hopes for tonight with the fly. But once again the fish have the final word. At golden hour I asked if I could fish a bit and my charter said heck yea. I caught several LGMouth and lost some big LGMouth as the hooks on my popper gave out. Bent them back twice and managed about 5 LGMouth before total darkness. Had one do the smash it from above like a red drum does. Etched in brain forever..

Capt Mike

August 7th - Capt Dave
All the perfect popper placements, didn't make a hill of beans tonight. Senkos meant nothing. Fishing was tough. We got a little bass not much bigger than the popper. We got a nice fish at golden hour and I thought it was on, nope. Lots of activity just no interest in hitting. Bill's son Nathan is already a heck of a fisherman in fourth grade.

Capt Dave
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