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Watching the radar as the big storm moved in we launched and really did not like our location as the dark clouds moved in.. so we ducked into a spot that has served me well over the years to ride out storms. Capt Dave came in a we sat while as mother nature showed us lightning and, wind and heavy rain. As the rain tapered off we moved about and fished the edges of the falling tide. We employed big hair bugs and got a few hits and missed hookups. Almost dry from the sun we moved to another location to meet up with the incoming tide. Missed what would be my second snakehead on the fly we changed over to spinning just for the distance and scored a healthy bass. The tide was fast and the pads flooded during golden hour so the frogs came out and in 5 casts a snakehead landed. A few more hits and it was too dark, so cigars where lit and we headed in.

Great evening even if only two fish landed.

Capt Mike

Deluge report.

At 3PM, we both high tailed it back to the back of the creek for a favorite storm refuge. It started coming down at 345 and just...poured...for 30 minutes straight. Bilge pumps working overtime the five of us sat, talked and laughed. John forgot his rain suit and was soaked. Capt Mike may or may not have pee'd his pants, will never know. We caught a nice bass immediately during the showers that followed the storm. We got a snakehead a little while later. Everything seemed dead until about 7. We poled back into the pads and found active snakehead. Lots of follows and abandoned pursuits. We did get two to take the toads but, premature hooksets left the fish in the pads. Wet night with great company and a couple of fish.

Capt Dave
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