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Arrived two hours early for an interview by a Baltimore News Station down in Indian Head to cover the big BassMasters tourny. Did my little song and dance and ate some ribs and chicken. Launched and came back an hour later to dock to pick up late arrival. Water looked good and the wind kept us from over heating. However the fish just did not look up. Water temps back up and very clear water. So high tide was 5 pm ish but it never really happened. Got a snakehead on a popper but came unhooked half way in. Bluegill harassed our lures all night long.. Caught two small LGMouth a crappie and a striper.. all small. At golden hour it looked good but hits where missed and we called it a night.

Capt Mike

Two Full Coolers Report

Two coolers stocked with Gatoraid and water on a record breaking 101 degree day. Felt like 150 to me, ( I hate the heat) The wind blew more than called for and the tide never came fully up. Poled for only an hour but, man did that hour seem long. We got a snakehead bite early and a nice bass early. The second bass didn't come until the end of the night. Steve and Dick were a great crew and it was good to share a boat for an evening.

Capt Dave
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