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Atom Lures

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Atom Lures

Has anyone every tried these lures. Just looking around for some fall run supplies for the preditory beasts. I think I just like the Idea of that being me in this PIC straining to get him off the ground.


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Looks kool.But pricey.Kinda reminds me of them old -school Cape Cod home-made,wooden striper plugs.

But if I kept loosen them and buying them I wouldn't be able to afford my beer and cigs:D
Givem up just for the PIC

If they produce results and I can Post a PIC like that one. I think I would give up the tobacco and the brews myself but not for long Nserch4Drum. :D
Funny how they say,"Keep a few handy,cause when sharks are around,they'll break you off".

A few would pay off my house....:D

But I may bye one for this upcoming striper season.
I will let you know how I did
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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