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Hi folks,

My wife and I had a trip down to the coast. The weather was all over the place windy and cool but we had three good days on the beach and I fished four days. I caught some small sea mullets and pin fish but got two nice fish. The first nice one was on Friday and was a 17” Sea Mullet! I figure it weighed about 2lbs. Saturday I hooked what I think was a really big Black Drum but unfortunately it hit my Mullet rig and straighten out the steel leader at the hook. I had it about 30 feet from the beach but didn’t see it. It made a big run, pulled off a bunch of line and the rig I had just couldn’t take the punishment. I use 2/0 gold hooks on my mullet rigs to keep the little ones away. It’s amazing how some small ones still find a way to get hooked. About 30 minutes later I caught a 20” Black Drum on my drum rig! We went down to Oceanana Pier and they were catching some Blues, Trout and lots of other fish but we bring our dog with us and I like to spend my time on the beach with my wife.

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