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At the Beach just to relax. Head out in the AM

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Was at the beach this afternoon just to relax and catch some rays and have a few brews.
Saw quite a few tarpon dancing around out there , wish I had a yak to maybe get out to them that would have made my day .
But I will have to settle for the girls in the thongs . It was great bronze bodies everywhere. Had a beautiful afternoon there. Will be back in Am. Minus the Thongs and bronze bodies they will still be in the sack .:D
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Any day is a good day on the beach Koz, glad you got out........lookin to head out this weekend!!
Getting Ready and your eyes may be closed ?

It's aboit 4:45 AM and yes I am out the door have not decided if I am heading to the Indian River or the Surf yet. I will post the results later. Have a great day. Hookem up dinner's at 5PM.
How about you Business of Pleasure today?
what ya catch?

So Koz what did you get? I hope you didn't get snookered!;)

but I think you want to keep all those bronzes for yourself.
can't wait to move south
Anyone having any luck in the surf in Brevard. Only catching seaweed. Could it be the cold water or am I doing something wrong?
Don't Know

It seem's like at this time of year it's hit or miss in the surf no reel consistancy and I hate the weeds.Checked other boards and reports no Biggins being caught unless you have the means to chase them down or go looking for them . I do better in the River. Friday AM at the Mel Bch Pier 2 keeper Trout 18 inchers and Sunday no bait at the local shop got a late start 9:30 till11:30 . Some ladies 10 trout to small 1 whiting 11 incher and 1 Pomp 13 inches . Did not see the snook so I guess I didn't get snookered. Did have the extra large beach towel with me just in case.:p

Just a sample as to what I am hearing and reading:

Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Report, July 12, 2003

Yesterday, our quest took us out of Port Canaveral is search of the large schools of redfish which typically form up is spawning aggregations this time of year. Again, catching bait was the toughest part of the day. For the first half of the day, the bite was slow managing only a few strikes, but our persistence paid off when we located, with the help of Captain Troy Perez, the larges school of redfish I’d ever seen. In my boat alone, we managed seven reds in excess of twenty-five pounds with three double hook-ups, and one five foot nurse shark. There must have been a thousand breeder reds in this school as it covered several acres. It’s great to see such a sight, considering the amount of angling pressure applied to Florida waters.

C/O Captain Tom Van Horn
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