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April Fool's

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I'm already waiting for the hate mail to start rolling in *laugh*
ho ho ho!

No wonder I couldn't get to the site this afternoon. I still hafta make a post to "oceanviewace"

Bite me, flea!
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Ha ha...

yeah, I can't figure out which one is more believable...

1) you giving up fishing

2) you dating a girl from PETA (aka. People Eating/ Enjoying Tasty Animals)


3) you getting a date.... PERIOD... let alone keeping her for 2 monthes

haha... just a friendly rip/retaliation from your bud,


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Didn't fool me , not at all, nope. W'ell maby a little,
ok ------you got me!
Man I thought you were kidding last night ! Good one Flea!
Salty: I can so get a date! Why, I just paid for one last week

Glad nobody's too ticked off--I couldn't resist!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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