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So it is cold outside and it is almost May.. well regardless we headed out with a full boat and began the search for those elusive crappie. Boy they where elusive and after 2 hours of searching we got a crappie. Then another hour more of searching. Then we found them and had two triples on. But it floundered and again we went on the search. Found a few more here and there. In any case we did well.

Capt Mike

Two veteren and two new crew members for IHC. Bob has some great stories. Fishing wasn't stellar but we picked at them. We had another big cat take rod out of the holder and we had to chase it down with the trolling motor. If we got crappie bites in the same numbers that we got yellow perch take downs, we'd have had two limits. The weather stayed tolerable and we had fun today with some good fishermen.

Capt Dave
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