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We had a late start but arrived at the fishing grounds in plenty of time to get the bite. Tried a few spots and got some really big crappie. Moved around and still we picked away at them. One here and one there and only one cat caught. A lot different from yesterday. Wind was light and almost every place was fishable with warm sun and good clear water. Well, before we knew it the bait was almost gone and as we moved to yet another spot a rod got hit, but we missed the fish. Dropped the bait right back in the same spot and we caught a smallmouth. Yes a smallmouth.

In the end we scored some nice crappie.

Capt Mike

You could not possibly said, "Lord, make the weather better", it could not have been done, just fantastic. Bobby's crew is a repeat crew that have had their trips negatively affected by the weather. Not today. It was on from the beginning and didn't really end until about an hour before we ran out of bait. We had a boat park on one of our holes and still caught fish. If we had had that hole early on, we'd have been done. Launch at noon, done at 3PM. Like the little guy kept saying, "they might be engaged but, their not getting married."

Capt Dave
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