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April 16th Double Report

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Much nicer weather today.. fished the incoming and must have landed on the catfish homeland. One nice eater cat after another boy can they pull and tangle up lines. Heck I would bet there was 10 eater cats in the live well before we caught that first crappie. We found a some crappie scattered about and then another wave of catfish. I hear this crack and see a rod surfing away like a stand-up board. Big cat broke the rod and just kept going. We chased it down but it bent the hook straight and we never saw it. Caught yellows and few white perch also. Still picking away at the crappie then I hear Green Trout from the back man o man was this a nice green trout.

Released it gently , re-baited and hooked up again. For a minute we thought it was the same fish but was slightly smaller.

Also hooked up with a 3 foot gar at the end. It slipped the hook right at the boat.
We caught more cats than crappie. But we did get a white crappie in the mix also.

Great day all in all.

Capt Mike

Second year for Ed and EJ. This year they added Walt and I had three generations of Johnson on the boat. We set up the spread and didn't get bit for over an hour. Then, one fish, then three. We had seven before we moved to test out other water. Once the bite started, it never really ended. There may have been dry spells but, not long ones. There were even spurts of two and three fish on at a time. We ran out of bait with our limit fish in the cooler. Great day with three generations of fishermen.

Capt Dave
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