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Anyone use "Truck Claws" or the like in the sand?

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After getting REALLY stuck last year on the beach I am now paranoid and want to have more options at my disposal. I am looking at all kinds of gizmos and such but found these and they intrigued me.

Anyone use anything like them?
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there was a thread on something like this a couple of years ago.
2x4 wood blocks strapped to the wheel - inexpensive - easy to build.
I went to the post but the youtube is not available anymore.
it was basically the "truck claw" version using 2x4 wood blocks instead
of the steel gizmo.
remember - beach sand is a LOT more unforgiving than mud out in the country.
a low profile such as the Truck Claw could act like a hundred tiny shovels
burying you even deeper.

but use several pieces of wood on each wheel
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