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Anyone here get their butt kicked fishing the LIP yesterday?

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Yesterday I was surf fishing Sandbridge when a huge storm front came in, looked like it was gonna miss us but I checked the Radar and a big red blob was coming right for us, we packed up and left. While leaving I saw the folks on the pier, prepping to brave the storm, just as I got my gear loaded and got in my car, the most severe, wind, rain and Hail I ever experienced hit. Thought my windows were going to shatter, no joke, the car next to us had two windows break. IT WAS SO SEVERE YOU COULD NOT SEE MORE THAN A FOOT OUT OF THE WINDOWS! Anything not tied down was flying around, Metal 50 gallon drum trashcans were flying around like paper cups. It was like being in the middle of a tornado, not even exaggerating. It struck so sudden I wonder how the people on the pier were, I imagine people lost a lot of gear, IDK. Were anyone of you there? Oh yeah, No fish at Sandbridge yesterday.
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Dang....sounds like a bad time to be out on the water in a boat or on the pier for that matter. Had a small twister form right over the pier in wrightsville beach years ago. Umbrellas were going airborn like fireworks and folks were running like mad for cover. It was crazy. It blew up in an instant. Scary.
Fishing right after a wicked storm can be oddly productive.
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