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Anyone ever get locked in the gates at Loch Raven?

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What an ordeal at Loch Raven today, went to a spot on loch raven rd, I saw some signs saying no parking 10am to 5pm, so I found a spot where there were no "no parking signs", the closest sign was over 100' away, but I decided to leave early just in case a sign was missing or something, I get back to my truck at 10:10 and all the gates are locked. I couldn't even find a sign that said the gates closed at 10am (I finally did find the sign after the third time I looked), A cop finally came around about three hours later and he was really rude and disrespectful, instead of being understanding and admitting it happens all the time, he just wanted to argue and say I was wrong, he ended up writing me a parking ticket for 50$. its not like I was out in the woods selling drugs and killing people, I was fishing, youd think that is something they would want to promote. you'd think they would figure a way to better inform people that the gates close, I try to read every sign in that area while I'm driving by because I always try to abide by the rules, but theres so many signs its near impossible. I caught some small pickerel and Bass and one big pickerel that I dropped and it swam away before I could take a pic
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