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Are you familiar with the term, "you've got it made in the shade?"

Well early morning should be a good time. If you plan to stay into the afternoon you might want to take along an umbrella or a bottle of sunscreen. The sun wrecks havoc on one's skin and does the same on croaker fishing. According to some, croakers don't seem to be as active when it's sunny.

Another suggestion would be to look the pier over when you get there. See where the majority of the anglers are. I can give you one guess, probably all the way at the end in the corner that's farthest away from the traffic bridge. That's my favorite spot. It's a hike to the end. A mile I believe. :mad:

One more thing: you might want to take the "caps" off when you post on the P&S boards. All capital letters offends some. Now me, nothing offends me. I'm just a mild mannered individual. :rolleyes: :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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