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any wanna up for fishing the wye next week

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any one wanna go fishin next week on the wye on my boat(if its fixed) im really bored n cant find anyone to go fishing with, i fish for croaker n perch n always catch fish
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You talking next week-end (Fourth of July) or during the week? Live on Kent Island, so depending on when I might be able. Personally, surf-fish, but fishin' is fishin'. I'm trying the pier thing this weekend, so if interested send me a PM or post. (Will help pay for gas if we can get together.
I'm retired and can fish any day. Prefer not to fish weekends account of crowds. Of course expenses are no problem and I will be able to reciprocate if you would like to come over to the western shore and fish from my boat. I live in Annapolis just off the South River.

Al Torney
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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