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Another pomp discussion!

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Distance casting for pomps. So it seems many down in Florida and the gulf are throwing baits as far and they can for pomp's on a regular basis and using 4-5 oz sputniks to do so.

I've never really seen this in NC, but I'm not someone who catches a lot of pomp's either. Are you guys throwing far for pomp's often? Or is it not as needed on our beaches? Is it just a matter of different beaches and surf down there? Or should I be heaving it for pomp's up here in NC too?
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They get shallow some also. Just depends where they are feeding at. Sometimes catch them on the 10' rod up close and sometimes on the 13'3-6 CCP out in front of or behind the bar.

My cousin caught one out in the middle of the slough nowhere near the bar in the beach buggy tourney 2 years ago. No structure anywhere.......biggest I ever saw. 7lbs 8oz if i remember correctly. And no, it was not a permit, even though that is what i initially thought. That is a 50qt cooler....
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Holy crap. And I thought my 1.8 lb one 2 years ago was nice.
I got into pomp’s once a few years ago in topsail. It never happened again for me. Yah 1 here or there but that year I caught a bunch over a 2 day period.
Yeah I caught one right before his, about 2.5lbs, and it was dwarfed by that one.

Needless to say with all that warm water, not alot of drum caught.
I target pomps but not effectively. Seems by the time I show up they're gone.
I've caught one citation pomp (right at 3lbs), and a few in the 1lb range.
The 3lber was at Topsail Beach south of Jolly Roger. Caught on a Shimano Tiralejo 8' rod with a Daiwa SS 1600 reel. Rig was a chicken rig made of 30lb mono, with #4 long shank j-hooks, cast into the middle of a pretty good slough. I saw the rod tip shaking, set the hook, and the fish peeled drag like crazy and even sorta jumped.
I still fish for pomps in close, and I've also picked up a Team Alabama rod, a CCP 13' 3-6, hotrodded a couple reels for distance, switched to mortician rigs with fluoro legs, #2 circle hooks. I do better on the whiting now, lol but no more big pomps since that one.
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All the pomps I have ever gotten were within 60 feet of the shore by structure.
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