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I fished for large bluefish and flounder for 3 hours first without a bite during the high tide. I learned by a kayaker that he and his 3 friends caught 4-5 Large bluefish between 6 and 7 AM. Well I wasn't there that time.

After the outgoing tide started, I went to the ocean side of the inner wall for tautog (blackfish). I planned to fish tautog in the afternoon because I prefer the low tide here in Cape Henlopen State Park. During the low tide, I can see the structures that are usually submerged during the high tide. There I met two forum friends, and I learned that the bite hasn’t started.
We patiently searched for the possible holes and thoroughly fished few holes one at a time.
We found a few holes that produced quality tautog.

I fished for bluefish and flounder again for 2 hours without a bite again while some yakers were catching 20"-27" bluefish.

Tautog saved my day.

Fishing Log:

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