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Got out to my spot around 4:15pm this afternoon and there was a healthy bite going on, lots of baitfish jumping out of the water, occasional schools of baitfish braking the surface due to being chased by rocks. I immediately knew it was going to be a great afternoon.

So I began throwing my creek chub striper strike popper around and was surprised that I was not getting a single strike, like, nothing, and the whole time, all this action around, but nothing taking the popper. So I tied on my Ole' Faithful and began walking the dog with my Heddon Super Spook. And to my absolute surprise, I got nothing. It was so wierd...and I was completely stumped for a few minutes. I had never seen that much action in my spot before and the rocks just completely ignore my surface lures. I had never faced this here before.

So I started thinking, they are chasing fish, so maybe I need to tie on something that looks close to a fish. So I tied on a Berkley Powerbait 4" POGY swimmin' shad (like the one in the first picture). Hooked up on my 3rd cast. Then, the rest of the afternoon just heated up from there. I was hooking them as soon as it hit the water.

Caught 12 tonight and released 12. Didn't have my measuring tape with me tonight, so didn't want to chance it. A couple were around 15 inches, the rest of them appeared to be right around 20 inches, but I wasn't sure. Was a good night of fishing though, I had a lot of fun. Below are a couple of photos of fish right before their release.

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