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Was fishing down at Anglin's Pier in Ft. Lauderdale today. Action was definitely a little slow, although I did see a few cobia near the T around 1:15pm and a nice big snook working the pilings in close about maybe 2pm.

I caught six black margate near the pilings close to the T on shrimp. I gave one of them to a fellow angler and took home two myself. The rest were released, but here is a good photo of one of them.

None were too big, I think the biggest went around 12 inches, but hey it was a beautiful day, and we don't have black margate on my part of the Gulf Coast.

I did also manage to get broke off again by a decent fish. It took me straight to the pilings and handed me my you know what. Could have been a big mutton snapper or a grouper.

I did see GatorKong from the Boatless Forum get a short grouper and a keeper amberjack.

All in all, I really enjoyed my short stay down here. It was good to meet a bunch of the Boatless guys along with a few others this weekend.
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