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Been here since Sat. and havn't fished as much as possible but all in all pretty dismal.
Fished singleton swash and its inlet 2x earlier in the week. Only one short flounder, others reported very scattered short flounder catches.

Spent 9hours in the yak(thurs 6/9) up in the backwater of Hog Inlet from 53rd boat ramp. 2 taylor blues, a croaker, and got lucky on a 14.5" flounder. All on live bait (shrimp, baby spot, mullet, mud minnow) under a popping cork. Threw redfish magic spinner bait, Gulp shrimp and mullet, Vudu Shrimp, Johnson's Gold Spoon....nada on any artificial. Didn't see or hear anyone else catch anything and fish cleaning station was barren of scales. Ramp is a very nice facility, nice bathrooms, ramp, dock, and fish cleaning station.

Fished surf last night (6/9) for two hours from sunset on (incoming tide) soaked fresh shrimp and sand fleas. Setup just north of the Sands (Singleton Swash) Got a large pinfish, and my biggest ever whiting, he was roughly 17-18" on a sand flea. Only one other hit though in those 2 hours.

Overall, Apache was dead quiet the 2 times i walked out, not much in the swash, water was cloudy and spring tides shut things down earlier in the week. Since wed water has been crystal clear, should be blues and spanish, but there is a drastic lack of mullet and/or any other baitfish in the surf.

Plenty of fleas to be found which is nice.

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