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Hello to all and greetings. I've been an active member here off and on for several years under the screen name "Barefoot Johnny". When "life" threw me some really wild curve balls, I had to drop out of fishing and take care of family matters. Now that that is all taken care of, I've since become active with the owners of the forum, VerticalScope and use the same name "John Smith_inFL" in all of my forums. I am either a moderator or administrator on several VS forums and just recently, became the Admin here. After some "reorganizing" by the owners, there have been some drastic changes made. I've been going back through the history and reviewing some of the posts that got out of control and things were said in the heat of the moment that shouldn't have been which resulted in people either leaving on their own volition or were banned. If these members were "good people" over-all, I would like to offer them a 2nd chance to get back into the forum and start fresh. If you know of anyone that qualifies, either let them know and for them to contact me or you send me a PM and I will review their case.
This forum runs pretty smoothly without any outside help so I won't be flexing the authoritative muscle. Mainly, keeping the spammers and scammers out so that we can all enjoy the fourm in peace.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a PM and I'll get back to you in a timely manner.
Tight Lines,
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