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Allstar graphite rod
Classic series

Great Trout flounder drum inshore rod

Hard to find these older models .

This is the Made in Houston ,TX one.

Cork in great shape was a back up rod for me.

Specs. 8-17lb

Lure 1/4-5/8



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What part of Va. you in.? Is it 1pc.? I maybe interested
One piece 6ft . Picked up in 23320 Chesapeake Va.

Sorry Jollymon I respond yesterday after your post but for some reason it didn't upload. Fish bucket I gotta give jolly a chance since there was an error on me or the site.

Fish bucket .price was for pick up .ill check see if I have ship tubes and ill get a ship price .where you located?

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it's done all the time....it is up to seller to either take the offer or answer the question
you got rod so it's all relative now
You said you'd take it if the shipping was included .... it wasn't. The post didn't mention a thing about free shipping, or ($50.00 shipped)

You technically made an offer that wasn't solicited.

During which time the two parties were in discussion about shipping expense to the buyer...

Your offer wasn't accepted or ignored.
I don't think Jollymon was "copping an attitude" he was simply following the rules as outlined. You however were outside the rules with your offer.

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thanks for your opinion.........not.
I don't believe I was outside the rules at all.
he asked a question ....they were not in negotiation......
sometimes people will ship at price if asked.....
if a moderator thinks I was wrong i'll accept it.....till then it's a dead issue
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