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Fished Sunday afternoon from 3-8pm from the beach North of the Lynnhaven pier. Three of of us caught over 40 pups all 12-17", but what a blast with my wife and the kids. All fish were caught on bottom rigs and FB Shrimp or frozen mullet. We caught the majority of them on the FB Shrimp. We also landed 3-4 small black drum. Fished with live bloodworms and FB bloodworms but no spot or croaker.

We could see the pier and they were pulling up what appeared to be a lot of pups as well. When we were leaving my wife did notice the Game Warden heading to the pier:)

The fishing was great and the sunset capped off a wonderful day with the family. Thankful to call this area home.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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