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I've decided to share My favorite Holiday Recipe

How to make “Scotch” eggs

First you take some Scotch. (Best on the “rocks”) Coat the inside of the cook until the proper attitude is achieved.

Next, You steals a chicken, maybe two. (It's as easy to steal two, while you’re at it.) No matter what your grandma said, you don’t need a rooster in order to get eggs. Roosters tend to make a lot of noise, way too early in the morning, and are not much good for anything else, except frying.

Also, watch out that you don’t get capons instead of chickens.

You ask “How do I tell a capon from a chicken?” Believe me, you just don’t want to know.

Now let’s assume you have accumulated enough eggs. How many is enough? That really depends on how much Scotch you have left.

Hard-boil 1 dozen medium size eggs and (this is important) get somebody else to peel the suckers.

Dry and chill the peeled eggs. (I don’t make this stuff up, the sausage will stick better to cold, dry eggs.)

I like to use about 1/4 pound of chilled sausage per egg. (If the sausage sticks to your hands, it‘s not cold enough. If your hands get numb, it‘s just right.) It’s tempting to make the sausage layer thicker, but it’s hard to get it cooked without burning the outside.

Make a thin, (3/8”) more or less square, sausage patty.. (Sort of like Wendy’s burgers.)

With the patty in one hand, put the egg in the middle. Now wrap the corners of the patty up around the egg, and pinch all the seams shut. (Don’t worry about it being lumpy and weird looking, yet.)

Roll the lumpy, weird looking sausage ball lightly between your palms, until it's smooth and round.

Drop the smooth, red, baseball sized object in a bowl of seasoned bread crumbs or batter mix or Portland Cement or whatever suits your taste, and coat it with this mixture.

Let the breaded “Egg” stand in the refrigerator until the breading mixture has absorbed enough moisture from the sausage, that the breading is wet. (This makes it stick better when you deep-fry it.)

The oil in the deep fryer should be at least 1” deeper than the diameter of the “Eggs,” and the temperature, about 325 degrees.

Fry until they are just golden brown. Over cooking will cause the sausage to shrink too much and crack open. To serve, cut the eggs in quarter wedges ,and serve with your favorite mustard.


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Ain't much of a cook myself. Maybe I can pick some up at my local health food store :)
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