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I tested ActionHat (for mounting GoPro camera). Someone suggested me that a hat might be an alternative for a helmet for kayak-fishing video. And also, it looked that some of kayakers were interested in ActionHat for kayak-fishing video. So I bought the ActionHat.
Last Sunday, I conducted testing in Lake Anna where the water was warmer and catching stripers was guaranteed.

It was a cloudy day with occasional snow flurries:
Air Temp: 30-40F
Wind: 5-10 MPH
Water Temp: 53 F

I leash the hat all the time except during the ActionHat floating tests. I hope the review help some of our members.

Contents of the video:
Testing day conditions in Lake Anna
Why a Helmet/Hat mounted GoPro when kayaking?
Comfort level/Weight balance when GoPro is mounted on forehead)
ActionHat Floating Test (while sitting on a kayak)
ActionHat Floating Test (self-rescue)
Recommendations to Manufacturer
Conclusion (I gave 4 stars out of 5)

The review:

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