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Got an opening in a house in Nags Head for a coupla' evenings, so off we went.
First day, Thursday, beautiful weather, checked Avalon pier,spot two at a time. We headed to OI North for some easy fishing cause we had a gimpy with us. Charlotte got a 15.75 flounder and a 17.5 tb striper, I got a 18 flounder and a few more tb's. All fish caught on finger mullet that Charlotte cast netted. Millions of Ladyfish in the rough water, didn't try for them. What's the trick?
Friday,nasty weather:fishing: more spot on Avalon, but we headed south to the Point. Plenty of good cobs at bait shops, which was nice. Started fishin about 6:30, staying till high tide at 10ish. The Point was a tad rough for Charlotte(running hard from north to South) so she fished immediately to the south of the point-no luck. I saw one drum(35ish) come out about 9ish and a few people hook up and lose them. I got one bite that bit right through 100lb hook length. I'm thinking biters...
On reading reports today, looks like we shoulda' headed to south beach, or found out where them pesky A/C were catching all them drum:)
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