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A long & waited day in the surf

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Not going to lie to you but this year has got to be the worst fishing off the beach Inman several years. By this time last year I had well over 200 fish. I haven't seen any Mullet in the surf like in other years & without bait your not going to catch fish!
Well today broke the ice! I fished my usual spot in Surfside & it started out slow. But I was getting bites so it looked promising. About an hour into it I picked up 2 nice weakfish. Then a couple of whiting & a couple of black drum. About 2 hours in the bite was on! Started catching every cast. I only fished 4 hours but lost count after 30 fish. The weakfish are back & I hope to be back out there tomorrow. Another great day on the water.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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