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We got down to Johnsons Bayou at 8:30 and couldn't believe the weather. It was 42 degrees with an 8 mph north wind, and so much sun you had wear sunglasses. The kicker was the surf, it was so flat you could water ski, so clear I could see my feet in 3' of water. It was hard to believe it was winter, other the temp, it hasn't looked this good all summer. I got to practice casting technic, and am getting out to about 110'. After awhile my brother picked up my light rod(550ssg/7'medium rod) and stood on the sand bar. bamm 23" red,bamm 23" red. Now his son grabs the 9m runs out there, bamm 29" red . Next thing I see is my brother in the fight of his life, 7' rod doubled over and him watching the line leave. I think, well he's going to spool my 550ssg, then I remeber I didn't put a leader on that line, sure enough snap, he's gone.
This went on for about an hour, they ended up with 5 baby reds, 3 losses, several whiting and to many black drum, all in 3' of water.
Nothing ever showed up on the long lines, but I had fun wathcing the fun.
Just wanted to share.
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