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I had not been down to fish Hatteras in a long while, but the opportunity presented itself, the stars lined up, and I did go for a couple of days.

Several smaller Bluefish and some puffers found their way into the cooler. Small cut bait and shrimp, most of the action was on cut bait. I think most were caught on River Rigs. I managed the incredible feat of catching a skate with a Shorty Hopkins, a talent I did not know I had...:confused:

I had the chance to use Akios Reels and Carolina Cast Pro Rods, and I was impressed.

The 11' was light, sweet and easy to handle, the 14' could lay out a lot of line, really nice to keep the line out of the waves and swells, and the 15' was suprisingly powerful for it's light weight. With a River Rig I could make the line around the spool mighty thin, I tried to dump the smaller Akios with the 15' but could not do it with a River Rig and bait, but I am fairly sure a good caster could. The mag controls had good range, and were located to be easily accessed, but not in the way enough to be accidently adjusted, sometimes a tough balance to achieve with mag controls.

All the rods loaded smoothly and did not bite when they recovered, a powerful controlled action, really very nice.

Thanks to my host and companions, I had a great time.

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