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Yeah, the northeasterly winds were blowing as the Hurricane moved north offshore, but I expected much more in the mid-Potomac (MD side opposite Colonial Beach, VA). First cast got us a 15" redfish on a bottom-rig (shrimp)...then....a bunch of nothing. Fished 2pm - 7pm and got a dozen or so small white perch that were live-lined and cut into cut bait. Only at the very very very end did I reel in a tandem liveline where the perch had clearly been eaten up by bluefish.

Nothing else. No blues, no catfish, no stripers, no nothing. Did see a large school of breaking fish around 3pm and cast my spoon into them about 4 times before it got snagged and I lost it.

Still haven't landed an edible fish in 2016.

W. T. F?????
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