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I went to the pier last night around 8pm (12th) and fished in the front of the pier in the surf for about 2 hours with NO bite at all. I heard spot were being caught further down, so walked to about the middle of the pier and found a place on the rail with a little bit of room (It was elbow to elbow for about 100 yards). With my first cast I was immediately rewarded with a nice spot. The spots continued to gobble up blood worms for about an hour, and in all I took a couple of dozen before the wind and rain drove me to the more comfortable environment of my living room. I was having a lot of fun fishing with the people around me (besides the frequent tangling of lines) but the "water resistant" jacket I had was worthless, and besides it was lightning and I had more than enough fish to clean.

While out on the pier I saw a few large puppy drums caught in the surf and a small shark near the end.

I have a little time to fish today, so I think I am going to head down there with the squid I have left and see If I can get anything to take it. If any of you are going to be out there I will see you there. I plan to fish until 8 and then I have something to do but may be able to get back down there around 12am for round two.

Tight lines everyone.

PS Flytier and Baddog - it was cool to meet you both.
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