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Me and 8NB stepped off at 330 AM...got to RDT at 5:45...met up with Wheat shortly and baited / iced up. Got some creek mullet and bunker...fergot the ice but Wheat got the ice to us...never caught the anglers names, but many thanks for delivery!

Man I miss this placed....between the re-model and family issues its great to step foot in a lil Heaven on earth.

Waded out and braved the stiff West winds....nothin but doggies...

Dave hooks up to a greedy cookie cutter....he stayed on the North side and fished 1 rod short.

This was about the same time a pup hits and is landed by a guy to the North of us.

The same guy hooks up with a nice 3lbs black drum.

More doggies for me on the North end.

We move a little North and Dave lands a nice blow toad...wasn't feelin like eatin...so he went back in the Atlantic.

Our day was winding up and we see Brandon drive by. He was heading to the Point...we drive back and I decided that the up-teenth doggies was not enough, so I fill up with more bait and go back to wading..I figuired the incoming would bring a something different...nope...more doggies...

Brandon and crew were on gonna shark fish with a kite.... I donated the last doggie I caught as bait. I think Dave caught a sand shark with a huge chunk of its belly missing.....yikes!

We hadda stay and see this...400-500 yards out from the North side, they deployed the kite and dropped baits....huh...never heard back from them....but would like to know how they did.

A great trip with a good friend.... Thanks David, we'll hit Ocracoke next time...
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