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How word of mouth spreads.......Saw Salty,Shorebird and another P/S member W/ the [email protected] the Spit this evening.Seemed like every1 and there friend's friends were at the Spit 2nite.

Ok,here is the report:SE wind,incoming tide,water clarity dirty,some grass(on those ultra slow retieve).Casted 4 inch chartreuse shads and black and silver windcheater.Landed all(4) 20+ inch trout on Storm Shads. 1 nice fish in the 4-5 lbs area.The rest were 2-3 lbs.Slow twitching retreive seemed to be the ticket.The Bite was sporadic.About 20+ folks casting on the jetty.A good bite started between 630 pm till about 800pm,then the blues came.
Met a cool non memeber(Steve),a reel fun guy to fish with.He landed the biggest trout of the nite,28 1/2 inches.A cow,I about busted my a$$ netting his fish.He used a dark blue Storm shad with its tail dipped in Chartreuse.
He slayed some nice healthy ones.
I met some reel cool folks out there 2 nite,allot of them boaters who wanted to know what was all the commotion was about at the Jetty.
Tight Lines
, hope 2 see you guys out @ the Spit

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Yep that was me w/Daddies Little Girl in tow :D She had her Scobby Do push button w/her and hookless plastic bait, but was more interested in other kids, sand, water, and the jetty rocks which I kept her off of for obvious reasons.

Regardless she did pick up and cast a few times and hey she did as well as I on the catching part :rolleyes:

No line dancing for me tonight as I'm heading for planks elsewhere this evening ;)

Be careful on them rocks,

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