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After not seeing much activity lately in the area, I was wondering if going this afternoon would pay off. It was colder, there wasn't much wind and if I went, it would give me a chance to see what to kind of expect this weekend since the tide is going to be perfect here this weekend in the mornings and afternoons.

So I drove down to the spot and started throwing a chrome 5" Creek Chub Striper Strike lure and got a few fish on it in a matter of 20 minutes. "Well hot-damn! What do you know? The fish seem to have found their way back!" After a few minutes of nothing, but another angler next to me was getting action on his Rapala Skitter Walk, I decided to change to my "walk the dog" too and tied on my chrome Heddon Super Spook. Once I started working the Spook on long casts into deeper water, I started to see action increasing...almost to the frequency of every cast. Some would hook up, some would miss, 3 or 4 times. I had one pop my lure about 3.5' straight into the air he attacked it so hard. At the end of the afternoon, I had caught 15 Stripers and released 14. The one in the photo measured 26 inches long.

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