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Well at least barring some personal calamity we will not have to worry about Blake in the near term and likely in the long term if he stays in.

I met DrumProGolfPro and DrumProHollywood some years back at the Spring Secret Drum Spot. At the time these fellas were young and had set a goal of 50 Citations each for a season. I am not sure if they knew who I was but since they were parked in a cut in the bar on the South End and Dark was coming in early March, I knew we would be close that night, real close in fact.... because there was no way any of us was leaving that Cut. As luck would have it, I caught a Drum that night and the grainy picture is still on my old phone that Hollywood took for me.

Fate had me doing something else the last few years but both these two rose to the very top on the OBX Drum scene.

They both have the attributes that make up a top Drum Pro.

1. They are great distance casters, Even with my new 4-Point Drum Pendulum Cast, I am unsure of ever getting a bait closer to Africa than ether of them. When I was in my Prime I was smoking them, but that may have been because they were in the Cub Scouts at the time.

2. They have the youth and stamina it takes to go to work for 8 hours and then go fishing all night and then without sleep go to work for another 8 hours.

3. They are not lazy Plank Buzzards and both are willing to go to Sand Land to eke of a few on any given tide change.

4. They are not Face Book Friends waiting by the phone for Bite Notifications.

It does not surprise me that they were #2 and #3 in 2021.

It would not surprise me if one of them is #1 this year.

With this Low coming up the coast, we are all at the same position, at zero for the Spring Season.

Barring some calamity I hope to at least spend one night tide down at the Secret Spot at a cut in the bar with both of them sometime early this March.

See you out there at a Cut in the Bar.
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