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2016 Sportcast USA National tournament prizes and awards.

Oct 15th&16th at Kenilworth Park - Athletic Field Washington D.C

First of all, We would like to thank to all our Sportcast USA sponors for their generous supports and sponsorships.

2016 National Championship trophy will be awarded to the winner of the tournament.

2016 Sportcast USA National Championship solid wooden plaque with engraved champion name will be awarded to the National Champion.

2016 Sportcast USA Class Certificate will be awarded to the casters with the longest cast in their class.

2016 Sportcast USA National Champion will have a right to pick a prize first.

The rest of prizes will be given to the First Places in Class winners except the tournament winner(Natioanl champion).

1) Zziplex Zeteque rod blank by ZZIPLEX LTD from U.K.

World top class surf and tournament rods manufacturer, ZZIPLEX LTD has been sponsoring Sportcast USA for years
ZZIPLEX(Barbara Carroll & Lee Isham) continues to sponsor 2016 Sportcast USA National Championship.

Retail $630.00
Zeteque is well capable of casting a weight from 100 gram to 200 gram(3~8OZ) more than 300 yards at casting tournament field.
The rod is not only perfect for ground casting but also is suitable for pendulum casting.
ZZIPLEX Zeteque is also very good surf rod for 8 & bait fishing!
Very powerful butt section.
Lots of energy deliver through the lightning fast recovering of the tip.

· Tip length 7ft 1in
· Butt Length 6ft 10 in
· Overall Length 13ft 8in
· Butt Diameter 26mm
· Tip diameter 4mm
· Casting Weight 3-8oz

2) ZZETA TUNING reel parts by ZZETATUNING from Italy

ZZETATUNING is best of the best custom reel tuning part manufacturer. ZZETATUNING started to sponsor Sportcast USA tournaments from this year.

Retail $200.00
ZZETA sideplates in pair (colors are various)
ZZETA blister shim
ZZETA spool caps (colors are various)
ZZETA one monomag
These parts can be used to build top performance tournament reels

3) Century 9ft 3 pieces fishing rod blank by Hatteras Jack/Advanced Fishing USA (Ryan White)

Ryan White not only distributes Century rods to USA but also builds best custom surf fishig rods.
Hatteras Jack has been sporsoring Sportcast USA casting events for years too.

4) Omoto Chief 6000 CTM by Don's tackle (Don Becker)

Don's tackle is Omoto reel dealer in USA and also distributes top class rod building threads. Don Becker has been sponsoring all our tournaments donating Omoto reels this year including National Championship.

Retail $180.00
3 Stainless steel bearings
Free floating spool system for long casting
Smooth powerful multi disc star drag
Instant anti-reverse
Line out alarm
Non Level Wind, Right Hand
Magnetic Adjuster
Gear Ratio 6.3:1 (HS)
Stainless Steel Pinion Gear
Weight 13.2 oz. Max Drag 15 lb.
Spool bearings have been upgraded to ABEC 5 hybrid ceramic
Spool bearings have been oiled with an extremely thin oil

5) Hybrid ceramic bearings by Don's tackle (Don Becker)
In addition to the donation "OMOTO Chief 6000 CT Mono Mag reel",

Retail - each set $20.00 (5 sets donated)
These brarings spins very smooth and fast enough to make your pesonal best at the tournament field

6) Sure Shock Leaders(80LB & 60LB) by Surf Cast Pro Shop (Kwang Hyun)

Perfect shock leader for tournament casting and surf fishing.
This high performance copolymer shock leader gives
ultimate casting performance thanks to its silicone treatment,
reducing resistance in the early stages of a cast when pressure
on the line is at its greatest
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