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Interesting read. Everyone here should check this out.

Here's a sample:
Coastal North Carolina is
undergoing an unprecedented
redevelopment. The family beach that
generations of tourists visited each
summer is fast disappearing. Condos
are replacing the fishing piers – there is
now only one on Bogue Banks. There were eight
10 years ago. The modest beach bungalow will
soon be relegated to those coffee-table books with
the pretty pictures of beaches past. Eight- and 10-
bedroom rental machines are taking their place.
Beachfront homes in Carolina Beach listed for
$500 a square foot last year. That’s Beverly Hills

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Please Jeff..

As someone who has been coming down since 1970 and living here now,I have seen what it used to be and what it is now... It is just a shell of it's former self.. The rich saw a profit,and a chance to close the public off from "thier personal beach".. Just take a look at the beaches of Duck through Nags Head,very little public access.. Soon these beaches will all be thier's,except for the ones with NPS stamped on them,and someday I expect that all NPS lands will become "game refuge",with no human admittance as well..:mad:
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