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2 weeks

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im going to hatteras in 2 weeks!:D goin to rodanthe. are yall catchin anything from the pier or beach around there. also any place down there worth tryin out while im down there? thanks for any info.
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Hey DR,
The usual summer stuff. If you have a 4x4 try the inlet in the evening. Report has it the Blues are coming in every Evening.
what part of the inlet an how big are the blues coming in?
Up to couple of lbs.. There were spainish mixed in,but that might be over... Mostly right there where the beach curves in towards inlet.. The rip just past the bird stakes has had fish there everytime I've went out in the boat,but ya can't get past the bird stakes on the beach..:mad:
does anybody ever wade up into the little streams on the far end of the beach by the bridge? thinkin maybe some trout or something up in there. i think its got posted signs up but im not sure. any info would help. had my eyes on those creeks for a while. thanks
creeks n streams

Trout maybe...most likely you will find croaker, rays, and if your lucky...a drum. I've waded that area a good bit...from the prop to the inlet. Best on an ebb, best on a rise...can't say either is better. All I know is if you want the trout, and the better fishing of that area, don't fish it with an ounce of light. With some current, you should be able to produce something decent. Best thing to do is park at OI down by the propellor, just speak to the guard and he'll usually let fisherman park in there after dark. I like poppers after dark, gold spoons during the day (tip it with some pink bucktail for trout), or 1/8th ounce jig heads with dark green finn-s (with some flash in em) lures bounce easy and slow. Once the fleet starts to roll or the light comes on, it's over. I like to flyfish this area alot. It's one of the best. You got bridge pilings with oysters on 'em, marsh, holes, currents, rips(little ones), creek, etc....everything. If you start from the inlet end...go for the pond first.

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I usually have better luck this time of year in the sound. You can wade, but a canoe, Yak, or small boat is more condusive to it.
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