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1509 breakaway

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n e 1 interested in buying or trading a 1509 for a 1508? 12'6", 32 1/2" butt length, black wrap w/ turqoise detail and cork grip tape.
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Not looking to trade. But I have a 1509 all set up with a Tournament Butt that I am looking to sell. Rod has been set up to fish and compete in 8Nbait. Rod has only been cast about 8 times and is brand new. Its wrapped in black and gold trimar thread. Big Dave
Hi Big Dave,

I hope you and yours have recovered from the Flu, hopefully I'll be up your way soon, (Not too soon, it was too cold to suit my Southernness :)), then we can get together for dinner.

Hi Blaine
I Did not move from the bed until Saturday. And still really dont feel all that great. Bad case of the Flu this year. I have not been that ill in a very long time. Glad you had a safe trip. One thing for sure you picked the wrong time of year to be here. As you know its so cold here you really cant be outdoors. I am looking forward to the end of March and April so i can get back out and cast on a regular basis. See you in Crisfield Big Dave
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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