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I cheated a bit- I went out on a friend's boat. However, I am only posting things below relevant to the shoreline angler. We did a half near shore reef BSB and half jetty trip for both days. I will do back to back kayak trips for the 24th and 25th. The focus is the marsh, but may wander to the jetties if need be or conditions are favorable.

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The jetty bite is still decent. I use a slip float and had the live or freshly dead shrimp 6-9ft under the float while working the jetties. I would cast the rig within 5 yards of wherever the rocks meet the water and reset once the float was 15 yards away from the rocks. The first day I had 4 specks, 2 reds, 1 black drum, and 1 sheepshead all within 45 minutes of working along the north jetty at outgoing tide-2-3 hours before dead low tide. Dead or live shrimp did not matter.
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My friend used a whole shrimp on a jighead and slowly twitched it along the bottom parallel to the jetty. He had 2 black drum and 1 puppy red doing this.

We shifted out main focus to the BSB reef bite the second day but did start and finish the day at the jetties as well. I got a puppy red at the tip of the south jetty about 15 yards away from the rocks 45 degrees inward towards the inlet side. I saw a guy hook and land a nice speck from the jetty on the ocean side using some sort of jighead and plastic. A guy in another boat spends like 3 minutes fighting some fish that looked like a nice speck from a distance. I really don't know what took him so long to bring the fish in, but a catch is a catch.

At the north jetty, I got 2 more puppy reds on the float/shrimp rig. My friend got a black drum doing the same thing. My dad used a normal 2 hook bottom rig with whole shrimp and only managed 1 puppy red. I think letting the dead shrimp dance around in the current was a more attractive presentation.

All specks I landed on both days were between 18-19.5 inches and all males. All puppy reds were right in a 17-18 inch size slot. Most black drum were right at 14-15 inches. I released all 3 puppy reds at the launch since I have enough fish for dinner from day 1 in the kayak (5 specks) and they were super lively in the boat livewell(I had to net them out of the livewell!).

Tide did not seem to matter with the jetty bite. Use the current to your advantage. I would put my $ on the last 75 yards of the each jetty on both the inlet and ocean sides. Every boat seemed to be working those areas.
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